Access Update

Free access to Kognito At-Risk simulations is no longer being sponsored by the NM Dept of Health. If you are in New Mexico and would like information about licensing Kognito programs for use in your institution or community, please email or call 212-675-9234.

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At-Risk for Middle School Educators and At-Risk for High School Educators are research-proven gatekeeper training simulations designed to prepare teachers, administrators and staff to: (1) recognize when a student is exhibiting signs of psychological distress, and (2) manage a conversation with the student with the goal of connecting them with the appropriate support. In these 1-hour online trainings, users enter a virtual environment, assume the role of an educator, and engage in conversations with three emotionally responsive student avatars that exhibit signs of psychological distress, including thoughts of suicide. The training can be taken in more than one sitting.